Scandal ABC: Is Harrison Wright Olivia Pope’s Brother?

From L-R, Quinn Perkins, Harrison Wright and Olivia Pope in Scandal 101 - Sweet Baby". Photo from ABC.

From L-R, Quinn Perkins, Harrison Wright and Olivia Pope in Scandal 101 – Sweet Baby”. Photo from ABC.

Scandal‘s season 2 left many gladiators worldwide with more questions than answers. This has lead to a creation of a number of myths in the gladiator-sphere, among them the question of who is Harrison Wright. Is he Olivia Pope‘s brother? Well, it isn’t hard to assume such a notion for the following reasons:

  1. Throughout season 2, Harrison constantly tells Olivia that he loves her like a brother. He also says the same to Abby.
  2. Harrison and Olivia have no chemistry. They’re both young, attractive, successful, and work together yet, they appear to have never even expressed a social interest in each other.
  3. Olivia once defended Harrison, pro bono, against charges of insider trading, for which he faced many years in jail. She just showed up at the jail, took his case and got the charges dropped.
  4. Olivia often dismisses Harrison the way a big sister would dismiss a pesky little brother. Sometimes she bosses him around. She completely ignores his attempt to help her knowing that she is about to be engulfed in the scandal of her being identified at the President‘s mistress (Scandal 221 – “Any Questions?”).
  5. Now that we know who Olivia‘s father is (Rowan, the B613 Chief), we assume that Olivia must have other family close by. The next likely candidate for long-lost family seems to be Harrison. would like to present another argument. Harrison is not Olivia‘s brother. Why? In Scandal 101, Harrison was trying to interview Quinn in a bar. She tries to get out of it, assuming that he was meeting her there for a blind date. Quinn says blind dates are not her thing. However, Harrison tells her that his parents met on a blind date, and that they have been inseparable ever since. His parents are most likely still alive and happily married to each other. Do you see Rowan being happily married to anyone, especially since he requires his henchmen to give up their families e.g., Huck? Not even Cruella Deville  would put up with Rowan.

I don’t believe that Harrison is Olivia‘s brother however, I leave the door open for any twists and turns Shonda Rhimes and Company may throw our way. Many of us gladiators still have a massive hangover from season 2.

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