Gladiator Chronicle: Scandal 213 – “Nobody Likes Babies” (Aired February 7, 2013)

Scandal 213 - "Nobody Likes Babies" - Olivia and Fitz share a kiss on the 2008 campaign trail, after hearing the news that Fitz has "won" the presidency. Photo from ABC.

Scandal 213 – “Nobody Likes Babies” – Olivia and Fitz share a kiss on the 2008 campaign trail, after hearing the news that Fitz has “won” the presidency. Photo from ABC.

Season,  Episode Title & #:  Scandal 213 - “Nobody Likes Babies”
Original Air Date: February 7, 2013
Written By: Shonda RhimesMark Wilding
Soundtrack: “Get Down Tonight” (1975) by K.C. & The Sunshine Band; “See in You” (2006) by The Album Leaf; “The Light” (2006) by The Album Leaf

Scandal 213 Highlights:

  • Huck boards the elevator with Hollis Doyle and Charlie, a former B-613 assassin paid by Cyrus to eliminate all chances of Hollis accepting David Rosen’s plea deal. Huck draws his gun, holding Charlie at bay, and informs Hollis that Charlie was sent to kill him. Huck agrees to protect Hollis from Charlie if Hollis agrees not to accept the plea deal. If Hollis squeals, Huck will let Charlie kill him. Hollis accepts Huck’s offer and escapes with his life.

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  • Fitz and Mellie take official publicity photos together with America’s baby. The couple have not yet named their newborn and are weighing several options. They put on a good show until the photographers leave. Fitz tells Mellie that he wants access to his children after the divorce. Mellie makes it very clear that she will never grant Fitz a divorce.

  • Olivia meets with Cyrus at his office, telling him that Hollis was not the one who paid Becky to shoot Fitz. She upbraids Cyrus for trying to have Hollis killed. The two still have a “David Rosen Problem“, who has launched an official investigation into the Defiance election rigging. Olivia says she was ready to come clean about Defiance, figuring that it would hurt Hollis. She now recognizes that the one who would hurt the most would be Fitz. Cyrus warns that if Fitz knew about Defiance it would break him.

  • Fitz walks into Cyrus’ office finding Olivia and Cyrus there. Cyrus leaves, allowing the two to speak privately. Fitz kisses Olivia: She tells him she’s marrying Edison, and warns Fitz that divorcing Mellie right after the birth of “America’s Baby” would be political suicide. Fitz informs Olivia that Mellie tried to manipulate him by having herself induced so that “America’s Baby” would be born prematurely. Fitz asks Olivia to wait for him. Olivia does not give him an answer right away, saying instead that she’ll think about it.

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  • OPA try to figure out who paid Becky to shoot Fitz. Olivia, reviewing the case more closely, comes to the opinion that Verna was the one who paid Becky.

  • Olivia visits a dying Verna in the hospital to confront her. Verna planted the burner phone that Becky gave her in Hollis’ desk drawer. Olivia asks Verna why she had to try and kill Fitz when all she had to do was to confess to election rigging if she wanted to end his presidency. Verna responds by saying the confessing solves nothing as the current system is built on a lie. Verna also knew that she had terminal cancer when she was nominated to the Supreme Court bench. She withheld this fact during the confirmation hearings. Olivia throws it all back in Verna’s face, telling Verna that the reason she tried to have Fitz killed was to preserve her own legacy – never having to confess to election rigging. Verna dares Olivia to walk over to the Department of Justice and confess; but even Olivia knows that confessing will do more harm than good. Olivia leaves Verna; Verna grabs her cellphone and places a call to David Rosen.

  • David Rosen shows up at the hospital for a meeting with Verna, but is prevented from visiting her hospital room by guards as Fitz is there also. Fitz did not know that Verna was ill.

  • Olivia informs OPA that Verna was responsible for the assassination attempt on Fitz. Although Olivia believes that Verna is not talking, there is still the issue of David Rosen, and she wants to know how much he knows. Huck reminds Olivia of BobbleHead, the wired doll which he placed in David’s apartment to record all his activity. BobbleHead recorded everything  going on in David’s apartment, including his and Abby’s lovemaking sessions. Cullen, the technician Olivia hired to surveil David, brings a bag full of CDs of BobbleHead‘s recordings. OPA listen to the CDs to gather any information David may have on Defiance, isolating the ones where Abby and David are having sex. Huck discovers from the CDs that David has the Cytron card, the smoking gun that could send Olivia, and all involved in the election-rigging, to prison. Abby, who says David keeps a safe in his closet, offers to get pick the safe and steal the card.

  • Fitz rushes out of Verna’s hospital room to announce that she is not breathing. Shortly afterwards, Verna’s death from complications of liver cancer is announced on the news.

  • Cyrus is surprised to see Mellie back at work so soon after giving birth. He informs her of Verna’s death, but Mellie is unmoved. Mellie continues to pressure Cyrus to convince Fitz not to divorce her. She then warns Cyrus that she will go public with Fitz’s affair with Olivia, completely destroy him, and then run for public office herself.

  • David meets with James in a park to ask for more help with the election rigging investigation. He asks James to testify, but James refuses fearing that Cyrus might be sent to jail. David warns James he will subpoena him if necessary.

  • James receives a subpoena to testify at a grand jury hearing about the voting irregularities in Defiance County, Ohio. If James fails to testify, he could be sent to jail, which would mean he would be away from both Cyrus and his newborn daughter, Ella. If he does testify, Cyrus could be sent to jail. Cyrus, of course, tells James not to testify; he will exhaust any and all legal options to prevent James from testifying. But still, James is not satisfied: he demands Cyrus tell him the truth.

  • After an impassioned argument where the two take off their clothes to prove that they are not wearing listening devices, Cyrus finally confesses to James that he “stole the White House.” Cyrus bares his soul to James: Cyrus had wanted to be President however, because he was gay, short and not very good-looking, he felt his chances of being elected were slim-to-none. In Fitz, he saw a chance to be the power behind the throne, and a chance to shape the nation. James is torn by Cyrus’ confession. Though he says he will do what he has to do, James is  frightened at the prospect of losing either Ella or Cyrus.

  • Abby listens to some of her lighter moments with David recorded by BobbleHead. She loves David but must protect Olivia. She stays up working late, sleeping in her officer. The next morning,  she walks into Olivia’s office demanding to know whether Olivia paid Teresa Dunn to lie on David. Olivia acknowledges the misdeed, telling her that she got Harrison to carry it out. Abby, upset at both Olivia and Harrison, leaves the office. On the way out, Harrison reminds Abby that she and David were a problem for OPA, that Olivia saved everyone at OPA and needs their help now – she needs the Cytron card.

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  • Olivia calls Cyrus to tell him that David has the Cytron card. Cyrus informs Olivia that James has been subpoenaed to testify in front of the grand jury that day. Olivia feeling defeated and fearing going to jail, tells Cyrus that “It’s over.” Cyrus says his still has one more card left to play; he hangs up and calls Charlie, the former B-613 agent, to do one more job.

  • Abby goes to David apartment where she seduces him. David leaves Abby in his apartment as he goes to court for the grand jury hearing.

  • Quinn offers Huck $5,000 to kill Hollis Doyle. Quinn has much reason to want Hollis dead – he ruined her life as Lindsay DwyerHuck offers to kill Hollis for free but then tells Quinn that she cannot return to OPA because revenge is against the firm’s policy. OPA solve problems, fix things. Huck tells Quinn to move on her with her new life.

  • James is walking towards the courthouse where he will be forced to give testimony about the Defiance County voting irregularities. Charlie is on his way to kill James before he reaches the courthouse. Cyrus is on the phone with James, pleading with him no to testify. Cyrus is also on the phone with Charlie, and stops him at the last second from shooting James. James goes into the courthouse to testify. Cyrus calls Olivia to tell her that he could not stop James – now it’s really over.

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  • Olivia opens a bottle of red wine at nine o’clock in the morning. She invites that rest of OPA to drink with her at such a very trying time – the prospect of her going to jail.

  • In the courtroom, James is sworn in on  the witness stand and questioned by David about his knowledge of voter irregularities in Defiance County, Ohio.  James denies knowing anything about voting irregularities, telling the jury that the case he took to David was a mere theory he was researching. He says he found no evidence of voter irregularities in Ohio. David, angry, is once again humiliated in court, losing another major case, and bringing major embarrassment to the Department of Justice.

  • OPA drink red wine, awaiting the outcome of James’ grand jury testimony. David shows up at OPA looking for Abby because the Cytron card he kept in his safe is now missing. David has been fired from his job, his career ruined. He finds Abby and demands the card – she denies having it. He searches Abby’s things and finds nothing. He then dumps Abby, in front of all of OPA, and leaves. After David leaves, Abby pulls the Cytron card which she kept hidden in her blouse. Olivia hugs Abby, the two have a good cry. Abby has now saved Olivia.

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  • Edison goes to Olivia’s apartment, offering her a ride to Verna’s funeral. Olivia declines and finally gives an answer to Edison’s marriage proposal – she say “No.” When Edison wants answers and asks her what she truly wants, Olivia acknowledges that she does not want “normal, easy and simple”; she wants a painful, difficult, devastating, life-changing, extraordinary type of love. Edison responds with words of wisdom, “Love isn’t supposed to hurt.

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  • Before the start of Verna’s funeral, Olivia sees Fitz at the front of the church reviewing the eulogy he wrote. She walks over to Fitz tells him and tells him she will wait for him – she has decided not to marry Edison. Fitz, in very cold manner, tells her not to wait for him, and that he is not going to marrying her, his mistress and throw away his presidency. He tells her, “You worked so hard to get me here,” and walks away, Olivia is dumbfounded.

  • While delivering the eulogy, there are a number of revealing flashbacks: Verna confessing to Fitz that she was the one who paid Becky to shoot him; Verna seeing Olivia and Fitz kissing while on the campaign trail – she knew of the affair too; Verna telling Fitz about the election rigging, and that everyone in his inner circle, including Olivia, were involved; Fitz‘s being heartbroken at Olivia’s involvement; and the icing on the cake, Verna telling Fitz she is going to give a statement to David Rosen, and come clean.  Fitz moves to protect his own legacy. Rather than being forced to leave office over election rigging, Fitz suffocates Verna before she can testify to David Rosen. He killed Verna before the cancer could.

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Scandal 213 - "Nobody Likes Babies" - Olivia and Fitz steal a moment while Verna looks on, in the background. Verna will sink the Olitz ship. Photo from ABC.

Scandal 213 – “Nobody Likes Babies” – Olivia and Fitz steal a moment on the campaign trail while Verna looks on, in the background. Verna will sink the Olitz ship. Photo from ABC.

  • After Verna’s funeral, all the mourners file out of the church, leaving Olivia alone, shell-shocked, in the pews, as she watches Verna’s casket being closed. Back the White House, Fitz tells Mellie that he thought she was the one who tried to have him killed. Mellie encourages Fitz to trust her. Fitz asks Mellie if she loves him and asks her to stand by him, saying he has one else. Mellie declares her love and loyalty to him. The divorce is off.

Video courtesy of YouTube channel ScandalousGladiators

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